Aspiring Leaders


Urban Principals Academy @ Lehigh (U*PAL)

U*PAL is a highly unique Ed. Leadership masters program that stresses: Creativity & Imagination in Leadership, Organizational Culture and Issues of Inequity and Privilege. Our program meets for two 5 week summer sessions over 13 months. We stress rigorous research but no research papers. We encourage our collaborative leadership teams to develop innovative projects to demonstrate what they have learned. Our program leads to an M.Ed in Ed. Leadership and qualifies our graduates to apply for certification in almost every state. U*PAL is designed for educators who want to become leaders who will disrupt the stagnation that exists in too many of our nation’s schools. WE develop leaders who can answer the question, “Who keeps the beat in your school?”


Uncommon Schools Instructional Leadership Fellowship

Ready to Change History? Uncommon Schools is offering a one-year fellowship that provides a robust development process to prepare leaders to lead a school in conjunction with the Director of Operations. This Fellow and eventual Principal is a full-time employee, hired, supported, and, evaluated by the Managing Director. As a fellow, you will participate in the National Principal Academy Fellowship (NPAF) at Relay GSE, and upon completion will earn up to 12 graduate credits which can be applied to a SBL initial license. The Instructional Fellow must have a B.A. and a minimum of three years of teaching experience.


Queens College Educational Leadership Program

The Queens College Education Leadership program prepare teachers who are interested to take on administrative positions within schools and districts. It offers a school building leader certificate (SBL) and a school district leader certificate (SDL). The program takes two years. Courses are offered in the evening during Fall, Spring and Summer.

Achievement First.pngAchievement First Principal-In-Residence Program

The Principal-In-Residence program is an opportunity to develop key skills an mindsets necessary to be an effective leader, and is a pathway to become a Principal at an Achievement First School. The program consists of a variety of components that provide structure and support for this type of learning, as well as components that explicitly build PIR leadership skills and vision of school excellence. The program is broken into two distinct phases. As a PIR1, participants are fulltime deans at AF schools, and take on additional responsibilities related to people leadership and teacher development, as well as attend the Relay NPAF program, where they build skill in practice-based PD, leading strong data meetings, and observation and feedback. PIR2 participants spend part of the year as fulltime deans at AF schools, with part of the year doing readiness planning as they prepare to lead a school. They attend PIR cohort days throughout the year that allow them to practice teacher development skills and people leadership skills to support them in leading a school the following year.

bes1Building Excellent Schools

Through The BES Fellowship, highly motivated individuals who are deeply committed to improving urban education participate in a rigorous, yearlong training program that prepares them to design, found, lead, and sustain a high-performing, college-preparatory urban charter school.
Fellows apply to establish their own free-standing, locally controlled charter school—customized to the needs of its community and independent of any management organization.

bank-streetBank Street Graduate School of Education

Bank Street views leadership as transformative, humane, collaborative, and personal. Students in our educational leadership programs acquire deep knowledge of the practical and theoretical foundations of educational leadership, including adult development, organizational systems, models of supervision, curriculum, action research, and professional development. Each program includes extensive supervised fieldwork under the close mentorship of a faculty advisor, usually in one’s own school or educational setting.

Our Educational Leadership programs focus on creating a school vision; the complexities and dynamics of creating needed, effective change; supervision for positive results; and leadership through collaboration. Our programs include: Leadership for Educational Change, the Principals Institute, Early Childhood Leadership, Leadership in Mathematics Education (all SBL certification programs) and Leadership in Museum Education (non-certification program).


Collaborative Leadership Advancing School Success (CLASS) with New Visions for Public Schools
The Collaborative Leadership Advancing School Success (CLASS) program equips teachers and school support staff with the tools to become change agents and leaders of influence in their school communities. In partnership with Hunter College, CLASS is a clinically-based leadership program that engages teachers as learners and leaders, readying them to supervise and support the professional development of fellow teachers and the management of systems at the building and district levels. Teachers graduate from CLASS with a master’s degree, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to pass the School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL) advanced graduate certificate exams. CLASS is a 2 year program that meets with one evening a week during the fall and spring. Candidates pay Hunter College fees and tuition.


NY Charters PLUS

NY Charters PLUS is a one-year leadership development program for current and aspiring leaders. Here’s how it works:

1. Attend summer institute.
Learn and practice foundational leadership skills in a full-time, three-week summer institute in July 2016. Alongside your fellow PLUS leaders, you’ll set your vision for instructional leadership, learn the habits of effective management, and develop a set of tools and resources that will help you be an effective leader from day one of the school year.

2. Complete a year-long residency in a local charter school.
Spend the 2016-17 school year managing a team of teachers in one of our partner charter schools, with the support of an experienced leadership coach. In addition to hands-on practice, you’ll benefit from monthly trainings focused on one of PLUS’ five learning domains, such as goals-based leadership and strategic talent management. You’ll also participate in monthly learning walks, where you’ll observe and discuss leadership practices in other partner schools.

3. Begin your career as a successful PLUS leader.
Beginning in summer institute and continuing through your first year, we carefully assess and support your growth, considering a variety of evidence to help you stay on track to become a great school leader. At every step, you will know how you are doing and what you need to do to improve. We hold high standards for PLUS leaders, and not everyone meets them. As a graduate of our program, your charter network will know that you are not simply a trained school leader, but one with a proven track record of success.

success_academy_logo_orangeSuccess Academy Aspiring School Leaders Program

The Success Academy Aspiring School Leaders Program provides entrepreneurial educators with the training, resources, and coaching required to become exceptional school leaders. Assistant Principals function as principals-in-training, receiving the authentic practice and professional development that will allow them to hone their craft in the role until they are ready lead a Success Academy school at the highest level. Assistant Principals are promoted to Principal based on their own development within the role. In the summer months, Assistant Principals attend our Leader Summit, which provides core training on every aspect of school leadership, ranging from in-depth training on our curriculum and teacher development to school operations and management. Throughout the school year, Assistant Principals receive regular network-led professional coaching and development and work to develop their skills alongside their Principal.

NYC Leadership Academy.gif New York City Leadership Academy

New York City Aspiring Principals Program (APP)

Our New York City Aspiring Principals Program (APP) offers experiential, hands-on learning opportunities to aspiring leaders to help them become the change agents who inspire teachers and create academically rigorous and equitable schools.

Enrollment for the 2016-17 cohort is currently closed. Please check back in early 2017 for details on the 2017-18 cohort application process.

Program Elements:

      1. Summer Intensive: A five-week training that simulates the actual challenges of a struggling New York City school and develops the skills that participants need to improve student outcomes.
      2. School-Based Internship: A year-long internship focused on areas of growth and opportunities for leadership under the guidance of the Principal at the head of the school where the participant is currently employed.
      3. In-Person and Online Coursework with Field Experience: Weekly evening classes provide participants with opportunities to learn from one another and from seasoned NYCLA practitioners. They include seminars with NYCDOE specialists in areas such as educating students with special needs and English language learners. Online coursework complements in-person sessions through additional instruction, continued discussion, and structured opportunities for reflection. One day per month field experiences including inter-visitations to participants’ schools to observe promising practices in action, and participation in NYCDOE Office of Leadership’s “Leadership Learning Seminar Series.”

APP participants are evaluated on a pass-fail basis. They must meet rigorous performance standards to progress to each successive program phase. Graduates commit to serving the NYCDOE for a minimum of five years. The program is led by former New York City principals and principal supervisors trained in our unique, hands-on approach to school leadership development.

Summer Principals Academy.jpgThe Summer Principals Academy (SPA)

The Summer Principals Academy (SPA) is a nationally accredited transformative graduate program that is committed to promoting equity and excellence in education and overcoming the gap in educational access and opportunity between the most and least advantaged groups in this country.  To achieve this goal, our aspiring school leaders are encouraged to construct transforming possibilities for student learning, school improvement, social equity, and opportunity.  While some principal preparation programs are content to prepare school leaders to perpetuate schools as they currently exist, SPA strives to prepare leaders to create the innovative schools that our nation and world need.

The Summer Principals Academy is a cohort program enrolling over 160 graduate students each year in a rigorous 14-month, 36-credit program. Classes are delivered over two consecutive five-week summer sessions with a supervised Administrative Internship during the intervening year. The summer format allows emerging leaders to engage in intensive academic study and leadership training without taking a leave of absence from their schools. Students graduate from the Summer Principals Academy, not only with an Institutional Recommendation for School Building Leader Certification, but also a Master’s Degree in Education Leadership from Columbia University.


Lehman College Educational Leadership Program

Lehman College offers a two-year, 30 credit master’s degree program leading to a New York State Initial Certification as a School Building Leader, and a 12-15 credit Advanced Certificate leading to New York State Professional Certification as a School District Leader. Meeting as a cohort, program candidates enroll in hybrid classes, attending face-to-face sessions one evening a week during the fall and spring semesters; summer sessions typically meet in June and the first week in July and are also hybrid. Upon completion, graduates are prepared to assume leadership positions in schools and/or districts, such as principal, assistant principal, department chair, dean and/or superintendent.

c1d.Leader-U.pngDemocracy Prep – Leader U

Leader U is a highly-selective school leadership development program for individuals to achieve the ultimate goal of campus leadership. Democracy Prep offers one and two-year Leader U programs to meet and cultivate talent in order to develop the best leaders for current, new, and turnaround Democracy Prep schools. The two-year Leader U program will start with the Leader U Residency followed by the Leader U Fellowship in year two, and in the one-year program, applicants start immediately in the Fellowship.


The Educational Leadership MSEd program at Hunter College

The Educational Leadership MSEd program at Hunter College leads to certification as both a School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL). The program uses a cohort model, in which entering students are placed in a group that takes two courses together each semester. Classes take place one evening per week and students complete the 32 credit program in 2 years (4 semesters), with summers off. The School of Education faculty are committed to preparing deeply thoughtful and highly effective principals, assistant principals, and school district leaders to strengthen the academic achievement of children in urban schools.

The Hunter College Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Instructional Leadership

The Hunter College Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Instructional Leadership  will prepare experienced educators to become effective practitioner leaders who are able to translate current research into practice. The program is designed for working teacher leaders, administrators and other education professionals.  Classes take place one evening per week and students complete the 60 credit program in 5 years.  Graduates of the applied doctoral program will develop the ability to digest, synthesize, and apply new research quickly to improve educational outcomes for students.


New Teacher Mentoring at the NYCDOE

The mentor’s role is to promote the growth and development of new teachers to improve student learning by providing instructional coaching and non-evaluative feedback. This is a 12-hour certification course open to teacher leaders.

Teacher Leadership Program at the NYCDOE

New York City Department of Education’s (NYCDOE) Teacher Leadership Program (TLP) is a one-year leadership development program in which participants develop the skills needed to guide instructional improvements in their schools through the facilitation of teacher teams. This program requires monthly sessions and weekly team meetings at your school.

Assistant Principal Leadership Institute at the NYCDOE

New York City Department of Education’s (NYCDOE) Assistant Principal Leadership Instiute (APLI) is a one-year leadership development program for high performing assistant principals who want to be principals in the next 1-3 years. It takes place over the course of 11 evening sessions.

Wallace Leadership Fellowship at the NYCDOE

New York City Department of Education’s (NYCDOE) Wallace Leadership Fellowship is a one-year leadership development support program designed to enhance the internship experience for candidates who are enrolled in NYC DOE partner universities. It consists of five half-day sessions.

Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) at the NYCDOE

New York City Department of Education’s (NYCDOE) Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program  (LEAP) is a one-year leadership development program that prepares teachers and assistant principals to become administrators in New York City’s public schools. It consists of a 5 week summer intensive and weekly evening sessions, and upon completion, participants are eligible for their School Building Leader’s licensure (SBL).

nl_logo_cmyk     New Leaders

New Leaders prepares education leaders to deliver breakthrough results in some of America’s highest-need schools. We work with education leaders at every level — from teacher leaders to superintendents — equipping them to strengthen teaching, accelerate learning, and build brighter futures for students and their communities. While each of our programs is unique, all emphasize relevant, real-world learning, so participants master key leadership practices while directly supporting student success.

Emerging Leaders prepares you to support colleagues and strengthen instruction as you lead a teacher team in your school — benefiting students across multiple classrooms even within the training year. The program begins with an intensive, week-long summer training experience, building on that foundation with additional group training sessions and expert coaching to help you develop essential leadership skills that will ensure success in your current role and provide a springboard to future career growth.


Explore Schools

We are seeking dynamic leaders who are eager to lead our school communities by setting a vision for rigorous academic instruction and a positive school culture. The leadership roles we have available range from Academic Coordinators to Principals with each requiring a certain skill set and background to be considered and to be successful. Our leaders begin during the summer in their capacity where they receive coaching from our Program team, our Senior Leadership Team, and veteran leaders from their campus. Explore leaders received personalized and ongoing support throughout the school year to ensure our teachers are developing and becoming more effective in their roles.


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