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Do your students read with headphones? Leverage your students’ auditory habits to improve reading comprehension and retention through Booktrack Classroom! Booktrack Classroom is a free platform that allows students to read and create stories that have synched movie-style soundtracks. Visit this website to get started & sign up by November 1 to receive free access to our entire library of classics. If you’d like a personalized demo, email Amy Orringer (LA ’03) at amy.orringer@booktrack.com.

ck-12CK-12 – Free K-12 STEM Content

Leading OER non-profit CK-12 Foundation has been helping teachers at TFA for several years with great open, free K-12 STEM content. CK-12 believes that all students have an inalienable right to learn, so we should ensure access to educational resources and information.
So, this school year, they have new offerings (all free) for teachers – from new Math and Science textbooks to integrations with Google Classroom, and more! Check it out here.

EdgeEdge Writings & Edge TOEFL

Edge Writings: When students submit essays online, editors from Edge Writings review, edit, and provide feedback, helping students to become better writers. The editors are graduates from top universities in the U.S. with extensive experiences in essay editing. Essays are reviewed by editors who have experience in the subject area of the essay (to the extent possible). The editors provide feedback and critique along with the edits to help students not only improve the essay, but to learn to be a better writer. The service can be used by any grade level.

Edge TOEFL: Edge TOEFL provides free TOEFL practice tests which have 94% similarity with the official TOEFL exam. Students can take full or mini practice tests and receive personal analysis and comprehensive feedback on the student’s performance on different types of questions. The analysis helps students to find out their weak areas, helping them to focus on improving the type of questions they find to be difficult.

AKA is a technology company with the mission to reduce the opportunity gap and give back to our community. It is offering its educational services, Edge Writings and Edge TOEFL, for FREE to TFA teachers and students. If you are interested in Edge Writings or Edge TOEFL, please visit this website to receive more information.

FlocabularyFlocabulary – Hip-Hop for Grades K-12

Student engagement is an essential part of learning. Flocabulary uses music to teach key skills and concepts to get students engaged and ready to learn. Flocabulary offers:

  • More than 600 videos with accompanying activities and quizzes to supplement instruction in math, science, social studies, ELA, vocabulary, current events and life skills, with new videos every week
  • Common Core aligned math and ELA content
  • Vocabulary resources proven to raise scores on state reading tests
  • School and district subscribers get access to new assignable quizzes with auto-grading and reporting, plus teacher dashboards to assess learning and differentiate instruction.

Start a free 30-day trial to bring Flocabulary to your school.

kinvolved-main-blue-green (3)Kinvolved is a social enterprise working to improve student attendance rates. Kinvolved’s mobile and web app, Kinvo, brings simple attendance data to life. With Kinvo, schools see smart attendance data and can effectively engage families through text messaging. Kinvolved’s impact consulting ensures schools see improvements in attendance outcomes. Read the New York Times to learn about Kinvolved’s impact at the secondary school level. WPIX covered Kinvolved’s impact in a high need elementary school. Kinvolved is winner of the 2015 Teach For America Social Innovation Award, among several others. Sign up to learn more here.

Main LogoJunior Explorers

Junior Explorers is an EdTech company committed to teaching kids about nature and wildlife with the mission of inspiring them to love and protect our planet. To raise awareness around the need to bring Environmental Science into the classroom, we are offering our program with NGSS and CCSS aligned curriculum for free to elementary teachers until May 23rd. You can learn more here.

We are also looking for educators to work with us on building curriculum and providing feedback on our program. If this is something you would be interested in or you can recommend someone please contact Ravi Patel at ravi@juniorexplorers.com. It take a village to protect our shared home.


Kiddom powers the next generation of K-12 classrooms, with a classroom operating system to help teachers integrate content, analytics, communication, and curricula from one place, for free.

  • Create and align assignments to Common Core, state, or custom standards to collect student achievement data.
  • Share assignments with an entire class, a group, or an individual with Kiddom’s Google Drive integration.
  • Assign students materials from third-party content providers (e.g. CK-12, Khan Academy, iXL) from Kiddom’s dashboard.
  • Aggregate all student achievement data into your gradebook: third-party content and assignments you’ve created.
  • Analyze data and gain insights with comprehensive, easy-to-read mastery reports that don’t look like a spreadsheet.

Knewton Knewton.com – For all MS and HS Teachers

Give every students in your class personalized lessons entirely for FREE. Kewton.com:

  • Differentiates in real time so that each of your students gets a unique learning experience;
  • Leverages hundreds of thousands of learning experiences for your students;
  • Provides a smart, free, and easy way to offer your students one-on-one care; and
  • Already powered the learning experiences of 10 million students.

Check it out here for free.


LearnZillion exists to champion teachers. We do this by combining the expertise of teachers with the power of technology to create products that make exemplary teaching easier. This summer, with the help of a Dream Team of teachers from across the country, LearnZillion introduced the world’s first full, cloud-based curriculum for K – 8 math (along with additional ELA content), all on a platform that’s accessible from anywhere, on any device. This high-quality, standards-aligned content is all available to teachers at no cost ­ just create an account to get started.

delete-match-educationMatch Education is a nonprofit that runs a K-12 charter school and innovative graduate school of education. Since our inception in 2001, we’ve learned a lot about the nature of good teaching, coaching, rigorous curriculum, and generally about how to design and run a good school. We recently launched two, free websites to share what we’ve learned with educators everywhere. You can learn more about our sites below:
Match Minis feature 3-to-5 minute animated videos on important aspects of good teaching and teacher coaching.
Match Fishtank allows teachers and school leaders to download their curriculum and assessments.

Memory Science

Memory Science Marketplace – Be Rewarded for your Knowledge

  • Memory Science is an e-learning tool based on neuroscience that helps students learn and remember twice as much information as traditional study techniques.
  • Using an interactive question and answer format, Memory Science enables all types of student to retain critical information from their class, driving mastery of material and improving test scores.
  • They have created a special opportunity for TFA teachers to create your own content and generate additional income! Share your knowledge in our Marketplace with students and teachers all over the world.

For those interested in working with Memory Science, set up a free account here using the promo code TFA or email us at info@memoryscience.com for more information!


What am I passionate about? What am I good at? So what should I do after high school? …and what should I be doing right now to get there? Overgrad is a completely free platform that will help students answer all these questions and more.

Specifically, Overgrad:

Want to see it in action? Click here: Overview of OvergradTo use Overgrad, you and your students can sign up here. Or shoot us an email at hello@overgrad.com, we would love to walk you through everything.

quill Quill

Quill.org is a free digital tool that helps students develop their writing, grammar, and proofreading skills. Students receive instant feedback on their work, and teachers access a high-quality, free curriculum built from the Common Core standards.

Quill is a nonprofit organization, and all of the content is free to use for students and teachers. Quill’s premium service enables teachers to access in-depth progress report, and Quill is providing free access to its service for TFA corps members. Please email peter@quill.org to unlock premium.

Try it now: Quill.org/play

remind graphic       Remind

Trusted in over half of U.S. schools, Remind is a free, safe and simple way for teachers to instantly text-message students, parents and other educators. Educators can send Remind messages from their computer or free smartphone app, and students and parents can receive them on ANY device, including “flip” phones.

Remind is particularly popular with TFA CMs because it enables equity of access for families living in poverty. Teachers using Remind also report significant improvements in a) student attendance b) parent engagement, c) assignment completion, and most importantly d) student learning outcomes.

Educators can also schedule messages to go out in advance, and attach photos, files, and Voice Clips to their messages. Messaging is safe because phone numbers are kept private (texts do NOT come from your phone number), and a recorded history transcript is kept for all messages. Remind also lets educators translate their messages into over 70 languages

Here’s an overview of Remind, plus the new PD presentation and some handy quick-start guides and fact sheets.

SafariSafari for Schools

Safari Schools (part of the White House¹s ConnectED initiative) has partnered with O’Reilly Media to provide students with free online access to 4,000 books & videos. Click here to learn more.

How to sign up:

  1. Go to Safari for Schools
  2. Log in with your Edmodo or Clever account (both are free in case you don’t have one!)
  3. Access our 4,000 book-and-video library!

If we know that tutoring is truly effective, why is it not available for all students?


Tutors Listen

If we know that tutoring is truly effective, why is it not available for all students?

Online tutoring can make this a reality.  Tutorslisten matches online math tutors to students:

  • We provide an instantaneous and confidential connection to students
  • Tutors are available exactly when students are “ready to learn”
  • We have all the necessary tools (whiteboard, conferencing, chat, etc.)

If you have students that are interested in being tutored, please email Daren Tolz
(NY ’11) at daren@tutorslisten.com

As a tutor you can set your own fees or choose to tutor for free.  To provide tutoring you can sign up here.  TFA members currently have free use of the site.