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Teach for America-New York Alumni Association
With 5,000 Alumni in NYC, we need a place for us to gather, network, and most importantly, stay involved in the movement for educational equity. That’s why we’re rolling out a brand new, alumni-led Teach For America-New York Alumni Association!  For those of you still in the classroom or working in education, this will be a way to build a community, identify resources and opportunities, and improve your practice. For those that feel farther from the mission in your day-to-day work, we want to help you get involved and stay connected in meaningful ways. This will be our very first organized structure to manage our tremendous collective alumni strength – and will be led alums  Our first full meeting will be in March – interested in participating?

Email and complete this survey.

nyc-email-flyerReading Partners is a literacy nonprofit that empowers early readers to succeed through harnessing dedicated volunteers to deliver our researched-based curriculum. We partner with community and education organizations across the city to offer a unique, high quality, community service opportunity to interested participants. Our tutors are trained to work one-on-one with elementary students for a minimum of an hour a week, boosting foundational literacy skills and providing individualized instruction. You can find more informaiton here.

New Frontiers in Learning provide supports to young adults who are in middle/high school, college (and beyond), or transitioning between any of the different levels. We use an approach that targets the development of executive functioning skills and core academic foundations to assist a wide array of individuals who could benefit from supports in these areas.

We offer coaching and tutoring during the school year, winter and summer sessions, as well as a summer college readiness program for young adults focused around the development of executive functioning and social skills. Our main center is located in the financial district in lower Manhattan, and we work with students in New York City, Westchester, Northern NJ, Southern CT and Long Island (and expanding to serve an even more wide-ranging area every day!), as well as via Skype when it is appropriate.

New Frontiers was built on the philosophy that we believe students should be able to apply, choose and go to any high school or college that they are accepted to, and not have to choose a school based on the supports that are available to them on a specific campus – in essence, we are filling in the gaps and providing supplementary supports so that students can go to the school and environment of their choice, while also receiving individualized levels of tutoring and coaching that will enable them to succeed.  To learn more about the opportunity, please visit this compensation 1-pager and reach out to Founder/Executive Director Daniel Koffler with questions.