Offer Your Time

Connect with New York’s 2016 Accepted Applicants!  

Every year our accepted applicants have a two week window to make the decision if they want to join TFA-NY, and we are looking for corps members and alumni to speak with them about their experience. The commitment involves sending an email and making a phone call in November, December, January, March, and April. If you are interested in making calls to our accepted applicants this year, please fill out this survey by 10/25.  Please feel free to email Mary if you have questions or want to learn more. Here’s a to a phenomenal 2016 corps!

Become a Mentor at Mott Hall Charter School: The goal of the program will be to pair Mott Hall scholars with a professional adult who can serve as a primary source of emotional support, supplemental academic enrichment, counsel, friendship, and positive reinforcement.  We had a successful kickoff last month with about 15 Stanford graduates on Stanford’s Alumni Day and we’re hoping to expand the experience into a real program in the upcoming school year. To do that, we need your help – we need mentors! Here is an overview of the mentorship program:The Mott Hall Charter School Mentorship Program – Description – July 2015.   All inquiries should be emailed to our Mentor Coordinator, Shirley Rodriguez (

Calling all Citizens! Become a Citizen Teacher: We are all experts in something; whether it’s entrepreneurship, advertising, banking, law, medicine, or engineering. Citizen Schools offers middle school students in public schools in underserved communities the opportunity to work side-by-side with experts in a range of fields by providing them with apprenticeship courses taught by volunteers like us.  Apprenticeships are a great way to connect with colleagues and continue to give back to kids. And it works. Citizen Schools’ students graduate at a 20% higher rate than matched peers!  You don’t have to be a full-time teacher anymore to change a student’s life. Citizen Schools invites TFA Alum & Staff to join them in inspiring kids for the Fall 2015 semester. TFA and other leading organizations like Google, American Express, Facebook, and Spotify have done a variety of projects with students – from building a sports franchise to creating public service announcements and developing a personal brand to programming robots. Teams can choose from the library of existing projects or come up with their own. You can also hear from some volunteers and students who have participated before here. Join the movement and participate in inspiring the next generation! To speak with someone about becoming a Citizen Teacher,click here or reach out directly to Marlee Henderson at

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