We’re excited to share resources and events that can support you and your students in celebrating LGBTQ pride and creating welcome, safe, and affirming spaces for your LGBTQ students and colleagues during Pride Month and throughout the year.

Management and Culture Resources

Anti-LGBT Microagressions: This list can be used as a starting point to help teachers recognize and reflect on micro-aggressions and how those might manifest in the classroom.

What Do You Say to ‘That’s so Gay’?: Intended for K-12 educators, this helpful guide gives you a way to respond when you hear students use the term gay pejoratively. Created by the HRC’s Welcoming schools, this guides you with concrete ways to stop students from using the word gay negatively, to educate them, and to be proactive.

DEI Session – Supporting LGBTQ Students: This powerpoint has resources in the way of diagrams and lists, etc.  The diagram called “Gender Bread Person” is one that has been shared with teachers in the past, and many of them have used it in their classrooms to break down misunderstandings.

Curricular Resources

GLSEN’s Ready Set Respect: A series of tools and lesson plans that you can use in your classroom to help students understand respect, bullying and bias, gender roles and family diversity. Created by GLSEN along with the National Association for Elementary Principals and the National Association for Education of Young Children. Intended for K-5 students.

Make Your Curriculum LGBTQ Friendly: This guide, created by GLSEN, is a framework for how you can modify your curriculum and has recommendations and ideas for ways that you can infuse your curriculum with LGBTQ voices.

Lesson Plans: Here’s a great list of lessons and activities for your class that will help you infuse your curriculum with LGBTQ voices and perspectives. These lessons are ready to use for grades K-12, and great for both when you’re setting culture at the beginning of the year and throughout the year to help teaching writing and reading comprehension standards. Created by Teaching Tolerance.

LGBTQ History Resources: Great for K-12 teachers, this list of resources ranges from recommendations to specific plans for how you can integrate the voices of LGBTQ individuals in history. This is particularly great for those interested in weaving in LGBTQ voices during Black, Hispanic, AAPI and Women’s history month.

Stonewall Book Award Winners: For high quality literature featuring LGBTQ characters and experiences, take a look at this list of award winning books. The Stonewall Book Award, given by the American Library Association’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Roundtable, are books chosen every year for exceptional merit relating to the LBGTQ experience You can search by year, experience, or grade level. Great for teachers K-12.

Talking about Heterosexual Privilege: This website is a good overview and starting place for teachers to talk with their students about heterosexual privilege.

Resources for Students

NYC Resources for LGBTQ Students Guide: This guide, for students, has information about different LGBTQ programs, clinics, and resources that students can access in the NYC area.

Gay Straight Alliance Network: If you have Grade 7-12 students interested in starting a club to support themselves or a Gay Straight Alliance specifically, send them to this website to learn more what a GSA is, and how they can advocate for one at your school.

Events Around NYC