Offer Your Advocacy

Leadership For Educational Equity: Join Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) to become more engaged in policy, politics, advocacy or organizing in your community and to network with other LEE members.

Become a TFA Ambassador: Teach For America-New York sees our communities as our greatest assets. We stand with families, teachers, neighbors, and supporters throughout our city in a collective effort to end educational inequity, and we couldn’t do it any other way. Our network includes influential alumni at the NYC Department of Education, school leaders founding transformational new schools, corps members innovating in their classrooms, NGO partners creating awareness, and students and families who won’t settle for the status quo, to name a few. With our Ambassadors Initiative, we seek to elevate the powerful voices of our network and help these individuals maximize their impact. Ambassadors inspire and teach others through sharing stories, challenges, and best practices through working with TFA to author op-eds for local publications, participate in media interviews and public speaking opportunities, create buzz on social media, and attend events with influential education and business leaders. Contact Katie Ware at for more information.

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