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  1. tfanyc says:

    Shout out to Frank Marino, Erin Sailor, Emmalee Rainey, Arianne Beros, Mindy Stump, Naomi Riemer, Ariel Laifer, Devin Benson, Jess Laub, Chris Blackett, Ryan Berry, and Wendy Guardado as they get ready to dive into year three of teaching here in NYC! Your students are lucky to have such thoughtful and dedicated educators in their lives. (Jessica Cabral)


  2. tfanyc says:

    Shout outs from Saffiyah Madraswala:

    – Shout out to Melissa Cortés for the incredible depth of responsibility you feel to your students. Sustaining that sense of responsibility means you will continue to get better and better for your students in the short and long-term.

    – Shout out to Mark Cheng for your dedication and enthusiasm for ensuring your students start the year strong and excited about physics!

    – Shout out to Mengze Mao for your willingness to keep it real about who you are as a person and a teacher. I can’t wait to see you with your students.

    – Shout out to Sarah Burtner for your clear and contagious passion in approaching and thinking about teaching through the lens of social justice. Your commitment to ensuring that students have the opportunity to talk about and learn about what is most impacting their lives is so important!

    -Shout out to Ryan Johnson for your palpable desire to be the best possible special education teacher you can be for your students. Your ability to pinpoint where you need help and what might be most helpful is such an incredible asset that will lead to quick and impactful changes.

    – Shout out to Ima Nzesi for your very clear mission to always talk through a “why” and “how” with your students in the name of self-advocacy. So inspiring!

    – Shout out to Fred Schaefer for developing a curriculum that is truly rooted in students’ lived experiences from redesigning subway systems to geometry for humanity. I can’t wait to see you with your students!

    – Shout out to Quantasia Islam for your deep commitment to valuing and respecting culture – both being a mirror and window for your students. Kudos!

    – Shout out to Lexis White for your incredible ability to step-back and name explicitly dynamics at play and how your navigation of a situation then impacted what happened moving forward both over the summer and now in the school year. You speak truth.

    – Shout out to Shanice Sanchez for a great class theme and vision of global change leaders. Even in just our first conversation you have already taught me both explicitly and implicitly just by who you are and how you operate what it means to be a social entrepreneur to make the world a better place.

    – Shout out to Joyce Chen for your responsiveness even while you were out of the country! Looking forward to getting to know you and working with you this year.


  3. tfanyc says:

    Huge shoutout to every single NYC corps member. You all are hundreds of the most passionate and committed people I know. Don’t forget to send me updates! Lots of love to the 2014 & 2015 corps. – Mary (your biggest fan)

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  4. tfanyc says:

    Shout outs from Rosanny CV:

    Shout out to Connor Burgevin for taking out time and working hard this summer to rethink math curriculum to be more inclusive and rigorous for this students. It was great co-planning with you at the NYC DOE CMP3 training back in August!

    Shout out to Mario Benabe for being selected by the Entertainment Industry Foundation to be featured on its 9/11 telecast for THINKitUP and for the creation of his education blog here.

    Shout out to Josef Robinson for achieving the highest NY State math scores in the whole Democracy Prep Network for 6th grade. So proud of what you have accomplished alongside your students!

    Shout out to Emilio Ramos for taking out time to co-plan math lessons from the CMP3 lesson for his students to make them more rigorous and take into account student prior knowledge!


  5. Elie Bilmes says:

    Shout out to Heej Lim for bringing joy and excitement to her math lessons already this year!

    Shout out to Cole Yaverbaum and Phillip Brogdon for their social justice-themed classroom!

    Shout out to Alexandra Hayes for her strong presence (like a boss!) and for her drive to be a great teacher for her students!

    Shout out to Crystal Lane and Dhara Patel for teaching beyond two at Brooklyn Ascend Middle School!


  6. Mary says:

    Shout out to all the corps members who shared their voices in our NYC resources for the 2016 corps. Truly grateful our newest corps members will be able to hear directly from YOU about the commitment they’ll be making. Thanks to Anait Arabachian, Annamaria Smeraldi, Ben Thomas, Cat Blakelock, Connor Burgevin, Damont Singletary, Danielle McCoy, Esmeralda Rodriguez, Felix Sanchez, Ivan Barahona, KC Reddy, Larissa Feretti, Lisa Alicea, Lisa Green, Logan Brooks, Maggie Yu, Mel Niere, Ornella Parker, Ramdat Singh, Scott Redhead, Sequenza Howes-Williams, Shannika Mothersill, Shavonne Ayinla, Sobella Quezada, Stephen Krawec, Sway-Anne Rowe, Tasia Burroughs, and Titi Afolabi. Much love! -Mary Piantadosi


  7. Mary says:

    Shout out to the 2015 Focus Group: Lisa Alicea, Natalie Candelaria, Moni Woweries, Joandry Escalera, Sobella Quezada, Rachel Walker, Bianca Polo, Alex Schoenberger, Osvaldo Adames, and Karli Shill. Your feedback was so powerful and helpful! Truly appreciated the real talk. -Mary Piantadosi


  8. Alexandra says:

    Shout out to Hillary Kolodner who implemented a strong kick off to a student spotlight in her 3rd grade classroom by sharing more about her own interests and passions. I’m so excited to see how you’ll cultivate a community in your classroom through getting your kids to know each other better!


  9. Saffiyah Madraswala says:

    Shout out to Lisa Sun for your compassionate, thoughtful, and purposeful leadership at Success Academy Harlem North Central. You so deeply love and appreciate your students and staff and it shows in everything you do. (Saffiyah Madraswala)


  10. Saffiyah Madraswala says:

    Shout out to Principal Caron Pinkus at Landmark High School. It was so inspiring to learn about your vision for your school and specifically your commitment to pushing critical thinking in academics and in life. (Saffiyah Madraswala)


  11. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to the most amazing group of second year educators that I could ever ask for: Maggie Yu, Gabby Mitchell, Kristal Torres, Shavonne Long, Stephanie Santos, Sara Couch, and Sarah Kelly – Getting to know you this past year was far and away one of the best parts of my job. I couldn’t be more thankful to work with you all again in year two, and I have unsurprisingly been so inspired and appreciative by the amazing things that are happening in your classrooms so far this year. Proud to know such a powerhouse of female educators! Go ECE! (Jiun Kimm)


  12. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to Catherine Lewis and AnnaMaria Smeraldi who are leading ECE out in Queens – You two are AMAZING. I was so incredibly humbled and inspired visiting both of your classrooms. Your students are full of love and curiosity, and it was so fun hearing your directors totally rave about you. So much to learn from both of you as the year goes on, and so thankful to expand my ECE cohort to include two incredible educators!


  13. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to Brittany Knoerdel, Diana Perry, and Jasmine Winters out at Voice Charter School. I was definitely watching complete pros in action during my visit, and I learned so much about my own work hearing all of your honest reflections after my observations. Voice is lucky to have such a committed group of teachers with them. Humbled to work with you three! (Jiun Kimm)


  14. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to Olga Carcamo and Cynthia Perez Beltethon! I am so thankful for your belief in this work and the incredible love and commitment you show all of the amazing high school students you work with. Every single one of your students I talked to had nothing but positive and loving things to say about you – It is so clear that you are a shining light for them at school. Keep doing great work – So appreciative to be on your team! (Jiun Kimm)


  15. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to a truly incredible group of educators at Success: Catie Carberry, Charlotte Denoyer, Jennifer Gonzalez, Katie Huntington, and Billie Ventimiglia… You all have completely jumped into your work with a fearlessness and passion that I so admire. Thank you all for being you and helping me believe in all that is possible for students when I see you in your classrooms. So excited to visit again next week! (Jiun Kimm)


  16. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to Kemone Martin for being a force of authenticity and love. Your ability to honestly reflect about your work is so powerful, and your love for your students truly lies at the root of everything you say and do. Your students are lucky to have someone like you. (Jiun Kimm)


  17. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to Lisa Alicea, Melissa Betances, Nat Candelaria, Alex Schoenberger, and Chelsea Clayton. We have all been on quite a journey together – From Induction to Institute to now, I am so grateful to have been able to see such an already strong group of people grow even stronger in their commitment to this work and to students. You all are seriously amazing, and I couldn’t think of better advocates and leaders to be a part of ECE here in the Bronx. Thank you so much for everything so far!!! (Jiun Kimm)


  18. Elie Bilmes says:

    Shout out to Mariuxi Andrade and Helaina Govia for pushing themselves to increase student voice in their classroom.

    Shout out to Hannah Johns for being an awesome friend, teammate, and Fellowship co-facilitator.


  19. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to Mica Fidler and Simone Sylvester for being co-teacher masters! Absolutely loved the amazing classroom culture and environment you two have created and was blown away by the depth of conversation that was taking place amongst your students. Mica – Your engagement with students is so fun to watch; and Simone – Your thoughtful push questions are on point! You two have definitely thought deeply about how to leverage the awesome diversity in your classroom and truly value it. (Jiun Kimm)


  20. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to Jasmine Simplice for many reasons! For being such a natural in the classroom – loved seeing you and your students engage with each other; for being someone who is so thoughtful and open during our conversations; and for being so kind about our impromptu car debrief (definitely not the ideal place to debrief but thank you for working with me!) :). (Jiun Kimm)

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  21. Jiun Kimm says:

    Shout out to Rachel Demalderis for being a teacher who gives me hope in this work! Your constant willingness to reflect and act with love has pushed my own thinking in so many ways…Your students are truly lucky to have you. (Jiun Kimm)


  22. Aarti says:

    Shout out to an incredible group of educators at Transit Tech (Megan, Harjit and Jose!) From visiting your classrooms and seeing amazing progress, to sharing stories of building relationships and connecting with your students, to powerful self-reflections and to starting a chemistry club in your 2nd month of teaching- you all are the dream team at Transit Tech! Keep your passions alive and going!! So proud of you all! (Aarti Marajh)


  23. Hope Lesane says:

    Ivan Barahona- I do not know where to begin! There are such incredible things happening in your classroom, minute by minute! Your classroom is filled with joy, excitement and bursting with student pride and ownership. You are an incredible model in your students lives, one that communicates care and love. It is apparent how much your students trust and rely on you, and it’s quite clear that your response always matters to them. Your calming presence in the room and words of affirmation throughout the day have created a space where children can be free to make mistakes and know it is part of the process of growing. Thank you for being ALL IN Ivan, every day, all day. Also, best “wake up from nap” mix, EVER! #teamece (Hope Lesane)


  24. Hope Lesane says:

    Shout out to Amanda White and her teaching team at Early Life, Bed-Stuy! It was only day 5 but already there is love, warmth, strong routines being built to set a classroom community on the road for a wonderful year together! #teamece (Hope Lesane)


  25. Hope Lesane says:

    Shout out to Trisha Garcia and the amazing students in your class at Shirley Chisholm! Dramatic play was bursting with ideas, fun, excitement and exploration. What an incredible team! So many spaces in your classroom where students naturally took the lead of their own learning. Thank you for your hard work, and for letting things get messy so your students can play! There is a strong foundation being built for future problem solving and importantly, confidence in learning. #teamece
    (Hope Lesane)


  26. tfanyc says:

    Shout-out to alum Vyasa Tewari for her excellence in teaching literacy and for teaching for six years at Mott Haven Academy in the Bronx! (Principal Jessica Nauiokas)


  27. tfanyc says:

    Shout-out to Priyanka Katumulwa for being a true advocate for our scholars classified as special education. She also kicked off our Wilson program! (Principal Jessica Luciano and Assistant Principal Michael Wiebusch)


  28. tfanyc says:

    Shout-out to Kelly Welsh for always being willing to roll up her sleeves and get the job done – whatever the job might be. (Principal Jessica Luciano and Assistant Principal Michael Wiebusch)


  29. tfanyc says:

    Shout-out to Valentina Alexandre for demonstrating a contagious passion for growth and development. (Principal Jessica Luciano and Assistant Principal Michael Wiebusch)


  30. tfanyc says:

    Shout-out to Kimberly Parkinson for working relentlessly to grow and develop teachers! (Principal Jessica Luciano and Assistant Principal Michael Wiebusch)


  31. tfanyc says:

    Shout-out to Danielle Vostrizausky for setting high expectations for all scholars. (Principal Jessica Luciano and Assistant Principal Michael Wiebusch)


  32. Mary says:

    Thanks to all the corps members and alums who made calls to New York’s 2016 accepted applicants this month. Grateful you all were able to tell your wins, your challenges, and your stories to our applicants as they made their decisions!

    Corps Members: Phillip Brogdon (NY ’14), Maggie Yu (NY ’14), Katie Dennison (NY ’14), Leah Weiser (NY ’14), Connor Burgevin (NY ’14), Katherine McMurray (NY ’14), Mario Benabe (NY ’14), and Ramdat Singh (NY ’15).

    Alums: Danielle Lindenberg (NY ’07), Emily Hart (NY ’12), Christopher Cashdan (NY ’13), Kalima Johnson (NY ’13), Bailey Farrell (NY ’13), Katie Dormont (NY ’05), Melinda Stump (NY ’13), and Juliet Kaye (NY ’10).


  33. Elie Bilmes says:

    Shout out to Cora Neville & Hannah Young for working hard for their students at Brooklyn Ascend!

    Shout out to Jackie Fields for her amazing commitment to her students, for persevering and being an inspiration to everyone who knows her.


  34. Claudette Christie says:

    Shout out to Tracey Neiman of World Academy for Total Community Health High School (WATCH) for your ongoing dedication, commitment, high expectations for students. Your open-door policy and willingness to support all students is evident of your passion for amazing work you do each day.


  35. rakonjac says:

    Shout-out to Gershwin, the best MTLD ever! Thank you for going above and beyond to help us support our students in whichever way possible!


  36. Elie Bilmes says:

    Shout out to Laura Bishop and Aaron Evans for their hard work, professionalism, and dedication to their students at Exceed!

    Shout-out to Danny Steffel for managing the Brooklyn team’s logistics for community conversations and the mid-year survey. He holds it together!


  37. Jazmin Gonzalez says:

    Shout out to Stephanie and Nathalia for working hard and sticking together through everything!

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  38. Mary says:

    Shout outs to Stephanie Yi, Lisa Green, Matt McMahan, Katherine McMurray, Mario Benabe, Alex Schoenberger, and Logan Brooks for sharing their corps experience with our 2016 accepted applicants in January. Much love to the ’14 and ’15 corps. -Mary


  39. tfanyc says:

    Shout-out to Amanda Cardone. She has an unrelenting passion and commitment to our students. Amanda advocated for teachers to use fonts that are conducive to reading for dyslexic students. She also has been spearheading a program called Learning Ally which is an outline database of audiobooks that are free of charge for students with disabilities. Love this girl! 🙂 (Kaila Clark, 2013 Alum)


  40. tfanyc says:

    Shout-out to one of our first year corps members, Amanda Cardone, who started a leadership program with her co-teacher, Joyce Hansen. Selected 7th graders were invited to participate in the program, “Ladie’s Leadership Luncheon.” They meet during lunch and are reading/discussing the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” (Maddie Weckel, 2013 Alum)


  41. Elie Bilmes says:

    Shout out to Asheka James and her students at PAVE for their awesome classroom culture. And shout out to Marilyn Bruny and Tamika Reece for taking the time to visit Asheka’s classroom. Thanks to Fanny Spencer for organizing.


  42. Mary says:

    Shout out to these amazing corps members and alums who connected with our 2016 applicants last month. Allyson Choo, Phillip Brogdon, Katie Dennison, Lisa Green, Katherine McMurray, Leah Weiser, Mario Benabe, Raymond Arroyo. Loved that you all were able to share your experience with them!


  43. Mary says:

    Shout out to some awesome secondary special education teachers in the Bronx – Brian Elberg, Lucy Schwartz, and Leah Weiser. Having an incoming corps member observe you in action will better prepare them for the fall. THANK YOU! -Margot Miranda and Mary Piantadosi


  44. Mary says:

    Shout out to Asheka James. Thanks for talking to Armani and giving some insight into your Brooklyn elementary teacher & grad school life! -Fanny Spencer and Mary Piantadosi


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